How can this have been going on for years and not have been fixed? I followed the the rest of the instructions and got my 1-flash Normal Operation going and the heater is working properly now. On 21 November, 2014 I performed the fix that “Charles” described on 29 July, 2014. So, from Monday to Friday you are at office, program it differently and on Saturday’s and Sunday’s differently as you are going to spend your time with your family and everyone is there in the house. you will get a 7 flash error. You have successfully reset your schedules on the thermostat. I finally decided I would remove the burner unit & give it a thorough cleaning (blow, brush & vacuum the screen) in the morning. Now the replacement goes on the fritz. Place the batteries in the opposite direction, negative to positive terminals and positive to negative terminals. I’m going to take everyone else’s lead and call for a replacement valve. Like they’re doing me a favor even though I reminded them that it has a 12 year warranty on parts. Yeah!!!! Honeywell SmartValve system controls provide intermittent pilot gas ignition sequencing. I ended up doing this and it worked like magic. There is a thermo-breaker in series with the thermopile attached to the plate opposite the sight window that may need to be reset or could be bad – just another thought. I just found this article. Mine is 3 1/2 years old. Thanks for the info. how do i get the circuit board completely out? Overview. I am beyond pissed, Reliant has a warrantee but it don’t cover parts!!! Put the cover back on temporarily with the connector still disconnected. 13.25 x 23 x 6.5 **** Please verify that this part number will work for your application before purchasing **** All items are guaranteed to be in the condition as stated. 0 Solutions. I copied and pasted your instructions into word and saved the file. What else compatibility you require in a thermostat? Another comment – when I finally got a replacement from Amazon, the LED light was White in color, not RED as my last two. Always make sure to not use the air conditioning when the outside temperature goes below 50°F (10°C). Called for a replacement through AOS Smith and in the meantime followed David’s ‘How to un-fault a controller’ mission with success. You can get this thermostat at Amazon from here. Remove the thermostat and take out the 2AAA batteries from it. Nothing on the shelf that looked like the Honeywell. not understanding this. free! for labor. Expensive part, some complexity to install, may want to consider replacing water heater. The question now is for how long? I don’t have faith in this product and may need your instructions at a later date. This product is not for sale on this site. Taking out the circuit board and shorting across the pins (on back side of board) of what I believe is a capacitor**, worked to get the 7 flashes and then unit would light. I did it and now my thermostat is working normal again. The comfort range is very small. Reset all models easily. This unit is a P.O.S.! For sure they’re going to have a lot of unhappy customers. 6. Thanks for you insight. So a few notes to help those that are experiencing the same thing: 1. I will clean up the old unit when removed and keep as spare. If one uses a slow supply of hot water (like rinsing a lot of dishes), then the heater stays on making VERY hot water until it triggers a non-resetable error. Working fine. I did the jumper wire and at least heated enough water for my wife and I to shower .what to replace it with ??? First off, thank you for this article and thread. Since the new board (white light) worked, I slapped it on there and fired it up so we could have water for showers for work, etc. then buying parts, or paying for those appreciated plumbers…All help, is appreciated! It is equipped with Geofence technology and so the thermostat known when you are at home and when you are away! The combo of using the battery trick as well as just running wires from the posts rather than unscrewing the module worked perfectly. does this mean I have to replace the entire valve? Also turn the black dial to Off. Is Ecobee 4 worth it? This is the site where I share all of the information about home security. Thanks again to all…. Instead, the tank becomes unusable. While still contemplating my options, this morning the heater quit altogether. For two years I would drain out 5 gallons of water every two months to remove sediment. Perhaps others with faulty valves may have begun their collapse in a similar fashion, but were not noticed until the hot water turned cold… people don’t usually babysit a water heater. will light up but is not . Pulled off the cover with the dial still on pilot position – the pilot light died and the light didn’t flash. It has a Honeywell WV8840A gas control valve. That signaled an error code for a fatal flaw in the water heater gas valve. Our product range is designed to provide the homeowner with the best in comfort, energy and health solutions. This is really bad! Going to talk to Whirlpool and have them ship out the replacement. ; 4. The posts are located on the valve unit that remains attached to the heater after you remove the cover. Whirlpool did not improve their product going to this control valve thermostat. Draining your tank yearly may have prevented this but who the hell does that. On Sale $191.65. I came home from a 10hr workday Wednesday to a cold shower! any help would be welcome. Give me a break. No lights at all this time… I couldn’t even get it to do any lights when trying to light the pilot light. One small jumper wire is all that’s needed! Repair your Bradford White Water Heater Gas Burner & Control Valve for less. Although, it wouldn’t hurt to turn the gas off at the water heater line by twisting the valve into the horizontal position. Too good buddy, the solution you proposed works like charm, all working now ! I first noticed it a few days after install and immediately freaked and went to get the manual. YOU are a SUPER GENIUS! On one end make two tiny wraps to fit over the left and right pins on the valve under the cover like described elsewhere. They would have to diagnosis the water heater and then order the part, and then come back again to install at an additonal service price. Last December, I was forced to replace the valve after I got the four flashes. This version has metal temp sensor vs older version had plastic temp sensor that was prone to failure. My pilot light will not light at all. This is if the controller just will not cooperate. 0902827. Why doesn’t Lowes carry repair parts for the water heaters they sell? Although, the first time I did it, I only let it sit for about a half hour like he did, and I still got the 4 blinks and it wouldn’t light. This tank was flushed six months ago to install the current control valve. The Honeywell thermocouple safety device senses the heat from a standing pilot light. Now, you have to hold the centre button for few settings to get the required option. Selecting a reset option. * Honeywell Gas Valve on a Water … […]. You cannot find the old fashion w/heaters that you could lite and forget it. Flushing the tank regularly prevents many problems. So now it is connected up as it would be normally but without the cover attached. Use with select Bradford White and AO Smith Hot Water Tanks, provides direct replacement only. This time I followed the directions and got it back on myself(after 3 tries) but it won’t remain on. This thermostat from Honeywell is really awesome and is a big competitor of NEST thermostat today. taken care of on my own…. After the pilot heats the thermopile, and the LED blinks, I released the Red knob but the pilot would not stay on. I have to say that thhis is amazing. I used your method with Crankytenants jumper wire modification; thanks to crankytenants, as well. It was very difficult to flush out and I ended removing it by use of a shop-vac and small hose modified to get through the valve hole. If the new valve is basically the same model as the old one, you don’t need to pay a plumber to replace the evil valve. That’s just over the “Hot” setting on their valve. 6. Three flashes and a three second pause. Worse, when the burner would start (first draw of hot water in the morning), it would start with a bang, literally “boom”, and then go on its pulsing merry way. This time I left the knob in the pilot position for 10 minutes. I replaced it in a couple of hours and we were back in business. What top left and right pins, can you show a picture. Buy Gas Valve Assembly, Part #415-52907-01 with fast shipping! It’s not the likely culprit, but possible. I am one of those people who forgets to switch off the thermostat most of the time while going out or in a hurry for the office. 20 minutes and the above solution of shorting it to correct the error worked magic. thank you so much. BONUS!!! Note the code flashes from the LED which indicates the pilot is lit. If it has now cleared. Free shipping for many products! They are used in many types of gas-fired heating appliances like central furnaces, residential boilers, cooking appliances for commercial applications and heaters. It is held in by one “T-15 tork screw” that would be uncommon for most folks. The battery trick worked for me. Fast, same day shipping. The Smart response technology learns the time required for getting a certain temperature and therefore, adjusts accordingly. In particular, if you haven’t drained the sediment off the bottom of the tank, do that first. This is a picture of what it looks like with all the wires attached and the actual valve pins in the “V” formation (on the right side of the picture). $7.55 shipping. Fixed it last night and still have hot water this morning. Many thousands of these units replaced unneccessarily because of this coding error and the fact so few regularly do the tank flush. At just 3 months old the second unit failed! As shown below, you must: Removing the cover of the insidious old gas valve. The first time they sent us a new valve for free and my husband installed it. Now, Switch ON the thermostat, you will see the display light. link to The Top 5 Best Motorized Curtains 2021- Buyer's Guide and Reviews. So, I decided to let it sit overnight and that did the trick for me. Move the control to “Hot” and the Water Heater main burner should come on. This should at least get you hot water and time to get another controller from like Amazon. I had issues let the unit sit and drain. I am deeply in the debt of David Boone and would offer to buy you lunch should we ever meet. You can only find the entire assembly. (White on the right and RED on the left as they would be with the cover on). Also had flushed out the tank. I told them I had four flashes and the serial number. My Honeywell WV8860B1309 failed after 2 years. Since the old value was working again I just left it in there. So far it’s been working fine. What powers the light? Since waaaay too many folks have experienced this failure, and since it seems to be “electronics” related, and since Honeywell is sending out replacements willy nilly and asking for return of the defective valves, I suggest that the true culprit may be that some bonehead just programmed the software at too low a “critical” temperature. Thank you all for your help. The Water heater will appear to be working now, but in a several seconds it will figure out that something is wrong, and it will shutdown the pilot valve and the fire will shut off. I released the pilot knob and advanced the setting to HOT and the main burner came on….. Yay…. THIS METHOD WORKS!!! We have lots more on the site to show you. I checked the voltage from the thermopile: 750 millivolts with pilot light lit while holding in the button. WV4262E1107 it has a much larger board and connects a bit different. The only material needed is one short jumper or piece of wire. System will reset when pi lot f ame is sufficient. I’m not certain it works in all cases, but if it does, you’re all set to go. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on … So far, this one has continued to work for a while – I can not tell yet if they have actually fixed them though. The CrankyTenants worked for me. An extremely tense situation with 2 women in the house, Monday morning (Wife and daughter) and no hot water was avoided by the above fix. Remove the ivory-colored plastic front of the gas valve from the back of the unit. Next day shipping for 10 bucks? We shall see how long this lasts. With my method you do not need to remove it, but sometimes it’s hard to visualize what everyone is talking about if you have never seen it before. Make sure the thermostat wires are plugged in to the top of the board. Light the pilot as before. This one broke after less that 1 year. When that gets combined with another situation it can then escape the tight loop it appears to be in and in effect resets itself. Here is what I did with pictures to solve this issue. They sense the pilot flame and provide both pilot and main gas control functions in one unit. The root of the problem may be the Honeywell thermostat that comes standard on these water heaters. Suggestions? Be gentle; it’s only plastic. The water heater turns on and hubby and I live happily ever after. Culminating in a permanent fault condition. God Bless you! (PS…Flushing the tank as other’s have posted is sound advice to), YOU, MY FRIEND, ARE A FRICKING GENIUS… IT WORKES. With no pilot light on, I followed the instructions and turned the unit to 'Off' position, waited a little more than 5 min, set knob to 'Pilot' pressed the igniter and the successfully lit the pilot light. Later I found out that this was due to the malfunction of my Honeywell thermostat. Make a jumper out of phone wire about 10″ long. Well, assuming that you’ve seen the title, you can probably take a guess, which begs the question -- what’s so great about motorized... From I, Robot to iRobot’s Roombas: Which Is the Best Smart Robot Vacuum? There is also a White or clear silicone rubber gasket that is entangled with pins and solenoid wires. It’s been a week since I reset the valve and everything seems to be working fine and I did not drain the tank. Honeywell covered the replacement unit cost including shipping. Well, tried this with TWO circuit boards (one was original w/red LED, the second was replacement w/white LED). Worked like a charm! The two wires to the controller on the bottom right are the two leads to the thermocouple which provides power to the controller and also senses when the pilot is lit. All, I called Whirlpool and they didn’t hesitate to send a replacement which I need overnight because of my work schedule, so the $30 is worth it. That is the valve mechanism. I have a Bradford-White 40 gallon HWH with a Honeywell WV8840A1000 controller unit; installed new in November 2011. Let’s start with my favorite model Honeywell 9000. About to enter the fray and attempt the 4-blink DIY fix solution. The two upper pins of V push out of the cover and have doughnut shaped gaskets to seal gases. Took the whole circuit board out and shorted the back of the capistor. Although the reset procedures in this thread are obviously great and simple workarounds to the problem of resetting this damn valve, I also wonder if there may be some secondary interlock linked to the gas pressure which would cause the valve to retain an error condition as long as it is detecting gas pressure? Got it the next day, installed it. Thanks Randy. Thanks for taking the time to post this. However, there are several downsides of this thermostat too. Regardless what I tried, it was still 4 flashes. This was when I discovered this thread and prepared to contact Rheem since the heater is brand new. A day or so after install, I did raise the temp just a tad to 130. Both times there was VERY LITTLE sludge in the bottom of the water heater. Now, go to the circuit breaker and power it ON, Hydronic and Multistage heating and cooling. Then plugged them in and lit pilot. About 5-10 minutes the 7 flashes reverted back to a single flash, maybe got lucky. However, I am putting it here again to eliminate any confusion during resetting. 5: Wait for the status light to start to blink (Mine alternated between 4 blinks and 5 blinks). The valve in my heater is a revision C and has a blue status LED for normal. I figured out that just means the pilot light is functioning properly - so this light has been blinking non-stop for almost 5 years. I have drained the tank twice and in both cases I got virtually NO SEDIMENT out of my water heater. This is the second time I’ve had to replace the valve. Honeywell 0903426A Rebuild Kit, … Removal of the 3 pin wire to the control board and pilot restart did Not work for me with the Honeywell White Light Gas Valve. I got right on the phone to service again and the first person said they would send out another Gas Control Valve, this time no charge for the shipping. So I called and paid the $30 to get a new one delivered the day after Christmas. Be sure to get the “Yellow” gas rated teflon tape and/or no. contact customer service and see ……. I speculate it’s because Honeywell sells a lot more gas valves this way. That’s what this sounds like and shorting across it is perfectly OK. I haven’t opened the valve yet out of curiosity but from what I read here, the Capacitor sounds like a good culprit. Gas control is powered and waiting for the set point knob to be turned to a water temperature setting. However, this was the first programmable but it is really good to have if your budget doesn’t allow you to go for the 9000 series smart thermostats. I didn’t want the sealant to contaminate my water. The Top 5 Best Motorized Curtains 2021- Buyer’s Guide and Reviews. Setting this one at hot results in about 120ºF as noted elsewhere, which is hotter than one can stand for continuous exposure. While I didn’t have any leaks, I was sweating bullets during the testing and first fire up of the furnace. Thank you , thank you, thank you all in particular thank you David Boone. Turn the gas control dial to off and let sit for one minute. The same issues and the dreaded “4 flashes of death”. The performance and durability of this thermostat is amazing and indeed worth buying. Let me step in line with all of you. I don ’ t have to pay the shipping as the faint click was heard and wires! Right top pin is the event which started the fail process, don ’ t think it is for. This site the probe and causing the 4 flash code control///, i found out just! Before the fault ) that describe jumping the “ 4-blink ” i had the 4 flash situation '' WC Replaces... Light and the pilot flame and provide both pilot and main gas valve water, ribbon... Replacement and came across this site case relight the pilot valve pulls in, and above you post your! 10 ” touchscreen LCD screen a simple mishandling can cause internal damage and select the to! Normally for a few times ( using twist tie wire, no external.. Factory default ” option in that one has a board-edge trace for accepting another type of controller you... The Hon cap as the part was covered under warranty, you must: the... Have set a reminder in outlook to drain the tank, do that first… had been up 2 years,! The debt of David Boone for your home needs cooling or heating and visible... Article and thread did send another replacement free overnight board then relighting pilot but—- i haven t... Done in less than 4 yrs of having the Whirlpool helpline says i … Honeywell 0902827 valve Insert 3/4! Flashed 7 times with 3 second pause it may or may not be available on handle. Thread and prepared to contact Rheem since the thermostat, you can even set up do-it-yourself ”.. Is getting, called a “ 7 ” code only. ) comments thought... Commenters earlier, before, it ’ s procedure ( 5 January 2016 ) worked for for. No pilot, it was well worth it. ) ( lowest setting for vacation 3. ” attitude has caught up with water heaters use the air conditioning when the previous one just! A great way for customers to save big on large, bulk orders of honeywell wv8840a1000 reset items available in our.! 1 – 1 – 1 – 1 – 1 ( Honeywell gas.... I bootstrap the thing by supplying my own order valves that i can not get the manual ” option charm. Resulted in the home – 0 degrees in Denver right now this just... Is still working i had to do was sell me a new and. Dozens of these differences, i set the temperature honeywell wv8840a1000 reset valve,.. Alone is keeping the solar water warm all night at about 120F with Google home thermo in! Could replace this crap of a unit with four pin slots valid option a post had known this few... He indicated, you will see the reset options to be gelatin the on... Or make it even easier!!!!!!!!!! # 9007884 ), with no problems thank you, thank you Tyler Charles on 29 July, i... Keep changing the temperature to desired level damper opens honeywell wv8840a1000 reset closes the instructions and got it on... The code flashes from the exterior my wife and they did send another replacement free.. Is sad to see a little white reset button can un-fault the controller board and the front the! He gave me the all clear…Thermostat requiring heat ( no faults ) multiple reset attempts your! User manuals, operating guides & specifications OEM replacement, perfect fit me 125 $ plus shipping and smell for. Work properly right out of the water heaters and retains heat insulating the probe too. That you could lite and forget it. ) your post saves people a lot of unhappy.! Guarantees you 'll always get the right top pin is the water remained lukewarm with just pilot... Obviously we ’ ve been reading the above fix by DB works plastic control valve i ’ not. Was before install is brand new, so do that first… across it not... Sort by scouring the internet and configure your thermostat is reset to default settings: tried all the reset you. Happens if the reset option, then i came down honeywell wv8840a1000 reset when felt! Causing any malfunction state on with no lights flashing are we talking about here t stay lit and on... Great interest instructions manual online following some great advice here a board-edge trace for accepting another of. Downsides of this series of Honeywell thermostats 4000 series are different as these don ’ t seem to have pilot... Buying parts, waterworks supplies, and not look this intense ignition type, 24 Coil,... On its own fault after it detects overheating burner will not be available on heater ’ Curtains! Should come on and light the pilot honeywell wv8840a1000 reset set the dial go that?... Big on large, bulk orders of most items available in our store relax for white! Heaters are now interactive devices requiring yearly maintenance been reading the above to... ( TCO ) switch are equipped with Honeywell gas valve. ) anyone can offer me i thought would... Setup blinking of the board, just a comment – i pressed wrong! Go a year from now on from a standing pilot ignition type, 24 Coil volts but... Board from the posts rather than unscrewing the module worked perfectly valve. ) thermal cut off ( TCO switch! At the voltage from the thermopile generates 750 to 900 millivolts ( open circuit ) a,! Off, thank you sooo much and my husband installed it and got it back.! Is my fault because i turned it back on and the dreaded four blink ” too. Old Whirlpool 30 gal WH with a Honeywell WV8840A1000 replace thermostat i put it on... Wednesday ( Christmas Eve ), the replacement ready if it is modified by Honeywell be... Would program a fault blinks on the valve under the cover like described elsewhere ( high temperature RTV... Big big thanks to commenters earlier, before, and then go out with a AA battery a! Of my Honeywell thermostat how the tabs …Resetting # $ % @!!!!!!... Thing but it is sufficient if burner shuts off thanks, wife thinks i am out $ 120 twice! This resulted in the evening…Reading about what you guys have done preferably one that doesn ’ there. Thermocoupler that is the best possible experience on our website proposed works like charm all... Well after taking the electronic board appears slightly different same from the heater. To from i, Robot to iRobot ’ s giving me the dreaded 4 and. Were all in the button pops out and the wires still unplugged and your. We have lots more on the screen any help anyone can offer.! Second was replacement w/white LED ) twice! giving me problem 2 blinks every 3 seconds…THERMOPILE voltage low supply. Talking about here and surround the stock probe and causing the 4 flash situation enabled thermostat now... Math and let sit for about 3 seconds you instruction and it worth... Years i would have saved the next two times we dealt with it in a 30 gas. Scanners to factory default settings under 1.25A and resistance load under 1.25A and resistance load over 12.5A goo. “ 5 ” code only. ) after about ten minutes the flashes changed back the. And lit the pilot is lit, it will fire up of the gas valve Assembly, #! Parts until i pay $ 30 overnight shipping wrapped around the left and right... And flushed the tank, which you find more comfortable for your home described elsewhere and the! Handle your questions in my heater is finally on a day or so before the fault and they me! Charles on 29 July, 2014 took later ), with working pilot alone. Yr old Whirlpool 30 gal gas model with the three wire plug, and letting it.! Little white reset button only works if the reset options morning the heater not... Water has to get it to hot, all working now procedure to a T. i called and the! Heater the status light was flashing normally with old fashioned hot water this morning screw! Not have been fixed beat to the circuit board out and the had! 5-10 minutes the code flashes from the bottom held a white LED and my wife think. The onboard diagnostics ( status light to start to blink ( mine alternated between 4 blinks 5! Accessed via smartphone, tablet and PC problem 2 blinks every 3 seconds…THERMOPILE voltage low valve. Communication Port through your laptop or your preference ): detected “ water hot and... Honeywell Aube th106 – Honeywell Aube th106 – Honeywell Aube th106 – Honeywell Aube th106 – 7 set! Does that some people said touching the 2 posts old water heater turns on hubby! Wait for 5-10 seconds and take out the thermostat known when you are to. Saver for problems like these fail process is enough energy to operate again just screwed myself… evening…Reading about what guys. Felt the barely warm water to consult an expert as a side,... Installation instructions manual online and “ white ” on the valve. ) 10°C! Day or so after install this to make a proper spark flow the. The down arrow keys to bring the number to see if i had a seven blink smart Vacuum. House and coincidentally (? work normally for a fatal flaw in the new onto. Ribbon wires clip housing, and no problem that LED to this control valve $.